Bob Newman is a freelance photographer, based in Sydney.


Hi my name is Bob, aka Bob Newman, aka notnewman, aka newmanx.

If you are like me then you want to know who you're dealing with and why should you trust them. This blog chronicles my work as a photographer and creative. I like to put stuff online, in the interest of sharing general insight.

Why notnewman dot com? It started off as just another joke over coffee with a friend. The term is a combo or portmanteau of sorts, of my surname and being a fan of Seinfeld. At the time of starting this blog newman dot com was already taken so I had to get creative.


Bob Newman (b. 1972 Szczecin Poland), is a photographer based in Sydney.

He was born April 16, 1972 in Stetin Poland, to Polish parents, in a family that was predominantly Jehova's Witness. In 1981, his immediate family emigrated from Poland to the United States, via Austria, where he learned to speak German and then English. In 1987, during his mid teens, they emigrated to Australia. His family was predominantly Jehovah's Witness, however 2004 he identified as an atheist. In 2005, after exposure to material from PETA, he became a vegan. While growing up, he relocated relatively often, which he later attributed as a factor that lead him to a minimalist lifestyle.

His early schoolwork had earned mixed results. He was fond of accumulating toys, gadgets, and Lego, mostly for dismantling as parts and recombining them creatively. During his teens, during the later 80s, he found his way into electronic circuit building and simple computer programming. He completed his Bachelor of Commerce degree in the 90s, and started his work as a programmer. His subsequent career was unremarkable and meandered through a sequence of mostly administrative jobs. Concurrently he continued to develop his creative skills in web design and photo editing, which had not yet crossed over to his professional work.

His transition to doing photography as a vocation happened in 2012, combining previously developed skills with a growing body of amateur work. Soon thereafter he assembled his initial portfolio and showed it to a friend who in turn referred him to his first client. What followed was a rapid investment in tools and a studio space ( sq1.net.au ), and a growing body of professional work ( notnewman.com ). In 2016, as his photography practice continued, he exhibited his second incidental art piece as an emerging artist in a group exhibition. By 2017 his creative practice extended into 3D modeling, motion, and responsive web design.


I use CC0, which is a form of activism for intellectual property reform and as well as acknowledging contemporary realities and social norms with regard to the innately open nature of the internet. All of my work on this website (notnewman) is provided AS IS, and by default freely available for reuse as public domain works via the CC0 license, unless otherwise indicated (with respect to families, children, and some client work). I release my works as stated above with best intention. If you happen to appropriate anything from this website, I hope that you get really really rich as a result and tell me about it :)

To the extent possible under law, Bob Newman has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to photos. This work is published from: Australia.