Bob Newman is a photographer and digital creative, based in Sydney.

Early Life

Bob Newman was born Norbert Pomiecko on April 16, 1972, in Szczecin Poland. In 1981, his immediate family emigrated from Poland to the United States, via Austria, where he learned to speak German and then English. In 1987, during his mid teens, they emigrated to Australia. His distant family was predominantly Jehovah's Witness, however by 2004 he identified as an atheist. In 2005 he became a vegan.

In his childhood he keenly explored arts and crafts, and eventually Lego. In his teens, he took an interest in building electronic circuits and computer programming. His schoolwork had earned mixed results.


After completing a Bachelor of Commerce degree in the 90s, he started his work as a programmer. His subsequent career was unremarkable and meandered through a series of mostly administrative jobs, however he continued to develop his creative interests.

His transition into photography as a vocation happened in 2012, combining previously developed skills with a growing body of amateur work. Soon thereafter he assembled his initial portfolio and showed it to a friend who in turn referred him to his first client. What followed was a rapid investment in tools and a studio space, and a growing body of professional work. By 2017 his creative practice extended in graphic and web design, and 3D modeling.


To the extent possible under law, Bob Newman has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to herein published photo and image files. This work is published from: Australia.