Lineseed series

  • DETAILS: Project Lineseed is a series of line art. It is non-objective, pure black and white, has no foundation in reality, and explores simple localised line cross-overs that produces complexity on a larger scale. It is based on the repetition of a 100 corner vector star (a seed of lines). The original series of 3 designs were produced in August 2015. One item was chosen by committee as the favorite, which went onto the SQ1 In Residence exhibition in January 2016. The method for producing these patterns sits somewhere between moire pattern and generative design.
  • YEAR: 2015 - 2016
  • VIDEO: (1080p 3m0s with audio)
  • EBOOK: (1080 ~50p)
  • FREEMIUM: You are most welcome to download any of these and enjoy them as your desktop wallpaper, gift wrapping paper, or as you wish. The download resolution via this page is a pretty good and a friendly 1600px wide. Click any of them to enlarge and you'll see what I mean. All NOTNEWMAN / NEWMANX fine art prints are available for collectors and for commercial use. The master files can be quite large and inconvenient, but produce excellent high resolution prints in bespoke formats.